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Moving Supplies You Need When Relocating

Moving is a hard job, but if you’re prepared with the right moving supplies (and a good moving company), the job is far less of a hassle. You want to enjoy relocating, not stress over the move. Learn the moving supplies you need for a successful move and prepare for a stress-free relocation.


Boxes can be bought from moving companies for a couple of bucks each. It is better to use these new, sturdy, durable boxes than the egg cartons from the supermarket. Since they’re so affordable and far more durable, you get better protection that you shouldn’t be without.

Packing Tape

Good packing tape seals off those boxes once they’re packed and gets them ready to load into the moving truck. Make sure you have plenty of tape on hand to pack your boxes.

Wrapping Paper

Wrap up your breakable items with wrapping paper. Some people use newspaper in lieu of wrapping paper. This is up to you, so long as you wrap up all the items that are fragile.

moving supplies charlotte county fl

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are inexpensive and also important for a safe, smooth move. With packing peanuts, your most prized possessions have an added layer of protection they’d otherwise be without.

Markers/Ink Pen

You need an ink pen to create an inventory of the items you are moving and permanent markets to label the outside of each box with the contents that are inside of the box. Be prepared with these items!

These are some of the most important moving supplies charlotte county fl that you will need for a smooth relocation. Prepare yourself and have these supplies readily available when it is time to go. You can make your life easy, whether you’re moving down the road or across the country.